The Nocera or Nucera is a Sicilian native vine among the oldest in the history of the territory of Messina.

The first traces seem to date back to the flourishing of Greek civilization in the city of Zancle and in particular in what today is the territory of Milazzo plain; used for blending wines, the Nocera even then represented the basis of the   aristocratic "Mamertinum,” much appreciated by the Romans.

After a long period of neglect, the vigor and good yields have brought to the scene. The Nocera that emerges on the national and international market as “young red spirited wine”, is vinified today with 100% pure Nocera.

The red ruby   Nocera wine of the Vasari Winery  is elegant, with a fine bouquet, intense, with aromas of berries, spicy notes and distinct freshness.

A very intriguing wine that presents potential continuous development.

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