Warm and generous wine, the Mamertino is produced in the province of Messina and is the result of a territory in which the historical and cultural heritage is manifested in all its uniqueness.

Ancient and laurelled early as 289 BC was planted by Mamertines in the vast estates of the district of Milazzo and hills surrounding, today the municipalities of Saint Lucia del Mela and Merì.

Praised by Pliny and Strabo, who in their writings praised this noble nectar. It appears that, during the banquet for the celebration of one of its consulates, Julius Caesar has delighted the palates of his guests with Mamertino.

Forgotten for a long time in the history books, it can gain it’s lustre again thanks to the intuition of the Vasari family that respect the old rearing systems but with advanced winemaking techniques, resume the production and impose it on the market.

In 2004 the DOC of the wines “Mamertino of Milazzo or Mamertino” is recognized by Agriculture and Forestry and approved the corresponding product specification.

"A fine vine for the production of a valuable wine".

The Vasari family knows this well since seven generations with devotion has cultivated Sicilian native grapes: Catarratto, Grillo and Inzolia for whites, Nocera and Nero d'Avola for red.

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