In this place where the wind mixes the scent of citrus with the acrid smell of sulfur, when dusk you can see the tender embrace between sun and sea, and the fruit of the earth turn to “red gold and white”.

Every glass of Vasari wine tells the scents and flavors of the most noble native varieties of this land, Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto for white, Nero D’Avola and Nocera for red.

The Vasari family’s vineyards are planted in the most fertile areas at 250/300 mt. with an exposure South-North / West slightly above the valley of the river Mela in municipalities of Saint Lucia del Mela and Meri.

The wines are treated with natural methods and pruned to favor a low yield of the stub, ensuring a higher quality of the grapes. The attention for the environment, together with the knowledge of every single vineyard, allows to obtain wines that fully elate the organoleptic properties of the original terroir.



The winery is the place where skilled hands mixed with what mother earth offers gets consolidated.

Once the winery was in a farmhouse built in the first half of the 18th century with a vaulted ceiling. Now it’s in a new building with a storage capacity of over 1500 hectoliters spread over 800 mq and it is equiped with the most modern machineries.

During the winemaking process all the organoleptic properties of the grapes are preserved due to a precise and careful research and innovation.

Just in this temple of silence , the wines find the ideal conditions for aging in oak barrels and further in bottles.

The time of the wine , spent here for aging, and the passion of winemakers define, therefore, the conclusion of a complex and noble process that comes from the vineyard.

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