The Vasari family is a generational evolving project that does not end in a simple automatism but is the result of the determination in being architects of a real development plan in the territory.

Identity and commitment are shared values and deeply rooted. They are the foundations of a philosophy that enhances the historical and cultural heritage of a land such as Sicily, without inhibiting the innovative spirit, the engine of progress.


Ruggero Vasari

Soul of the company, Ruggero Vasari, has always dedicated his life to the passion for wine. Boasting he was the first to introduce organic methods in the cultivation of land.

His bold and tenacious nature has made him revive a wine called “Mamertino”, known in history books and forgotten till 40 years ago. That’s how one of the most important DOC was born in Messina.

Ruggero still guides the company today with the security of those who live their competence relying on well-rooted origins with an eye on what everyday surrounds him and hand always stretched out to the future.

Michele Vasari

Ability and stubbornness are the typical traits of Michele Vasari’s character.

Young lawyer, in 2014 decides to follow the footsteps of his father Joseph and returns to his native Sicily to carry on traditions and know-how that are handed down for generations in the art of viticulture.

Aware that the great ideas live in the dreamers, today Michele is with his uncle in the family-run company.


I Carusi

At Saint Lucia del Mela you can meet genuine people, just like our carusi, devoted to their land and the fruits that it generously offers.

Faces marked by the seasons and hands furrowed by sacrifice, men who believe in the infinite beauty of this area and in their skilled work. They are illuminated by the certainty that it is not a daily struggle between unequal forces but mutual support in pursuing perfection.

The art of wine as a noble expression of commitment and devotion.

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