The Vasari holiday farm offers an enchanting landscape that ranges from olive and orange trees till reaching the Gulf of Milazzo to get lost in the endless sunset over the Aeolian Islands.

A little window on the great beauty of the Gulf with a cave where the legendary Polyphemus cursed Ulysses with anger after being blinded.

A simple and comfortable structure where you can enjoy the silence of nature tasting good wine accompanied by the typical flavors of the place.

Every corner of this magical place tells a story, each fragrance captures the heart and every color gives true moments of ecstasy.


The Vasari holiday farm offers the possibility for guests to stay overnight and enjoy a holiday in complete harmony with the surrounding nature and the exclusive Mediterranean flavors.

The structure consists of a double bedroom and a two-room apartment with 4 beds and fireplace, equipped with comfortable bathroom, air conditioning, TV and Wi Fi.

The type of treatment offered is only overnight stay or accommodation required in B & B.

The museum

The museum tells the tradition of the land where it is located and through its walls the history of this family.

In the old part of the winery, a building of the 18th century, we can admire in all its grandeur a cypress wood windlass with agave rope that is the setting for wine presses and barrels dating back to 1750 and 1845.

The museum contains various tools once used for oil pouring and jars of the nineteenth century.

An incredible journey through times to be enjoyed in all its magnificence.

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